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SERUDS-Orphanage-for-Girls & Boys-Kurnool

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62 abandoned or Orphan children are cared for

India has 30 million Orphan Children

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SERUDS started Orphanage in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool in December 2012. Today the Children’s Home shelters 60 boys and girls in the age group of 4 to 16 years. These abandoned orphan, street children come from different family backgrounds like a father who died of AIDS, mother who committed suicide, alcoholic father and mother left children and is living with other person, or both parents died. In this critical juncture These kids were found by Seruds in streets or volunteers brought the children to SERUDS Children Home.

We believe that if these children are not taken care of they may become anti-social. We have rescued them and provided a safe shelter, education support, counseling and extracurricular activities like sports and games.

You can select a Child for monthly or annual support from the list of children below.

You are welcome to be a benefactor or Godparent to these abandoned orphan children for their education or living expenses. If you are not in Kurnool, you can send your friends to our Children Home to spend time with these kids. The children will feel that someone cares about their future and feel happy.

Donors are free to contribute any amount as desired, which will be utilized for the running of orphanage. You can celebrate your special day with the children, sponsor health care or sponsor annual expenses for a specific child. Profiles of these children and other funding options are available below.

Non Resident Indians (NRIs) who support children for education in our Children Orphanage, they can send their parents, family friends to the Orphanage to see the children and satisfy themselves about our transparency & accountability. We would be happy to receive them here.

Location : D.No.46-740, Near III Town Police Station, Beside Syndicate Bank,Budhavarapeta, Kurnool-518002, Andhra Pradesh

C. Hemalatha is one of the children in Children's Home. Her father died of AIDS and mother is HIV positive.

Hemalatha’s father was a daily wager in mines and passed away due to AIDS. Her Mother Madhu Shankari is HIV positive. The grandparents did not support children and their mother. Hemalatha is very intelligent in studies. No one in the Village is allowing this family into their homes let alone helping them or supporting them. Madhu Shankari developed suicidal tendencies and attempted suicide two times. The only thing that stopped her from suicide was her girl children. Due to ill-health, the mother started to force Hemalatha to do to work so that she can feed the family.

But Hemalatha is very active in studies, sports & games. A Community Coordinator identified this girl child and was responsible for bringing her to Joy Home Orphanage.

Support a Child from Seruds Orphanage to provide :

  • Offer a safe shelter in Seruds Joy Home and a family like environment
  • Ensure good nutrition and medical care, which will help her to grow into a healthy, well adjusted young adult
  • Ensure an good education in a quality school in Kurnool
  • Cover the cost of tuition, books, school uniform, clothes, etc.

You can Support these amazing kids in SERUDS Orphanage Today!