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SERUDS Orphanage for Girls & Boys, Kurnool

Children in Seruds Orphanage India

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JoyHome Orphanage in Kurnool

Seruds Orphanage for Girls and Orphanage for Boys were started in January 2012. We started with 5 children in 2012.

Today we have 25 girls and 35 boys. The Children’s Homes are spread across 3 floors.

The children are orphans, rescued street children found by volunteers, or come from very poor families or have single parents who cannot give them proper education and food.

Our children call it their home. Indeed we work hard to make it so. After they have lost so much, they deserve all the security and love any normal home provides
Orphanage has 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop. The children are given training in computer skills by a volunteer faculty.
The staff includes 2 wardens, 3 caretakers and 2 cooks.

They are provided :
✅ Nutritious meals 3 times a day
✅ Education
✅ Clothes, blankets, toiletries and other personal necessities
✅ A doctor has been appointed as Center Medical Officer to conduct health check-up and treat the sick.

Address : D.No.46-740, Near III Town Police Station, Beside Syndicate Bank, Budhavarapeta, Kurnool-518002, Andhra Pradesh

Seruds Children’s Home is a registered Child Care Institution (CCI) under sec. 41 (1) and 50 (1) of the Juvenile Justice Act (CPC) 2015.

children in-Seruds Child care Institution

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Donation Total: ₹5,000

Donate for food | Celebrate Birthday. With INR 24,000 you can sponsor a child for one year.

You are welcome to sponsor these abandoned orphan children for their education or living expenses

You can celebrate your special day with the children, sponsor education or annual expenses for a specific child. Profiles of these children and other funding options are available below.

For children in orphanages, turning 18 is a nightmare. They have to leave the Child Care Institution, struggle to rebuild their lives, and half of them fail to get regular employment.

But Seruds is different. The kids stay in JoyHome until they finish education and they find employment with our help

About SERUDS Children's Home

Every child who enters Children Home is given Counselling by a professional counsellor.

This process will identify the underlying problems of the child and help her to transform negative attitudes, overcome depression and develop positive outlook towards life.


We have been running the Orphanage solely through contributions. Our monthly expenditure on rent, operations, education is Rs.78000 (US $1500).

We can keep Children Home running only through sponsorship of caring people like you. Imagine being the benefactor of a child by sponsoring all expenses, and witness the child achieving its dreams.

Select a Child for Sponsorship

Featured Child - V. Sreelakshmi

Sreelakshmi’s father is an alcoholic and works as a lorry driver. He comes home once in a month and does not provide for their daily need. Mother has 4 daughters and her head was injured due to beating by her husband. Due to ill-health she is not able to earn enough to feed the family.

Sreelakshmi joined JoyHome in 2015. She is interested in sports, games and studies. She dreams of becoming an engineer.

Donate for education of girl child Sreelakshmi

FAQs Related to Sponsor a child in India:

When it comes to sponsoring a child it involves education fee, uniform, toys, shoes, meals, place to stay, medical care. Contribution may be made on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

For every kid it takes 24500 INR to provide all facilities for one year. This includes education fees and expenses like meals, toys, clothes, and footwear.
Yes, when a sponsor contributes to a specific child, seruds provides accommodation, ducation in a good school, food, shelter, uniform, clothes and more for that particular chosen kid.
If you sponsor them then they get a quality education with delicious meals for good health, shelter at joy homes for living and if required medicines. And there is even more.. You help seruds to gather more abandoned children who are in need and help in providing the same luxury as the one in joy homes.
Seruds is a leading NGO with a decade of service to help the needy by providing basic necessities. Seruds is a shelter for 60 boys and girls in the age group of 4-16. These kids come from different family backgrounds. Due to diseases and family problems, these children are abandoned. These children are rescued and provided with necessary goods and recreational activities.