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COVID-19-Relief-For-Migrant-Workers- And-Daily-Wage-Labourers

COVID-19 Relief for Migrant Workers and Daily Wage Labourers

Seruds Relief Service during the COVID-19 Pandemic

India has been under restrictions since 25 March 2020 to control Covid-19 pandemic, causing mass layoffs and heavy job losses. Millions of desperate migrant workers, particularly daily-wage earners, facing starvation after losing jobs are fleeing cities on foot to return to their villages. Help promised by state governments in terms of cash transfers and free ration kit distribution has not reached many sections, due to the sheer numbers involved and lack of ration cards with migrant guest workers.

SERUDS in one of the leading ngos providing relief during covid-19 in Andhra Pradesh. SERUDS is providing cooked meals and grocery kits to the poor and jobless daily wage workers across Kurnool district.

We directly donate food, needy essentials to homeless people, and poor families impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Daily wage workers, migrant workers rendered jobless by the current COVID-19 pandemic and they need our timely support to prevent hunger.

Daily wage workers including auto drivers, domestic maids, plumbers, electricians, workers in petty shops, delivery boys, house helpers, and their financial well being will be directly impacted by their inability to earn their daily wage due to this epidemic coronavirus. Hunger and desperation prevail, and we can do something by donating cooked food and dry ration kit to these deprived.

Let’s fight corona together by extending our donations to such affected persons, in turn, help their families in this emergency disaster situation.

COVID-19 Relief - Save The Daily Wagers, Elders and Street Children in Andhra Pradesh

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Seruds has been providing relief to sections of the community affected by the pandemic. We have in place a team of well-trained volunteers to identify people who need relief.

Following are some of the relief works undertaken by us since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic :

  1. Distribution of ration kit to slum dwellers and daily wage workers in and around Kurnool. So far 1500 grocery kits, each worth Rs. 2000, have been distributed. This project is listed on Milaap
  2. Distribution of cooked meals. Around 900 meals have been distributed so far. We have been listed on Givengain platform.
  3. Distribution of cloth masks and sanitizers. Around 500 sets have been distributed so far.

We have been providing relief without any support from the government, and are supported solely by donors.

Urgent Relief & Immediate Support:

Groceries Kit:

The slum dwellers and daily wage workers do not have the support of any sort of health insurance and proper planning, and as we all know they are among the most vulnerable group to the negative financial effects of the pandemic.

Make a Donation to Charity for the concrete initiative to help them get ahead of the endemic crisis by starting to provide necessary grocery support to individuals and families.

How will your Donations for COVID-19 Relief will be used?

✅ Each kit costs Rs.2000 for one week for 4 members in a family.
Each grocery kit contains a combination of Rice, Dhal, Salt, Tamarind, Oil, Soaps, Liquid hand wash, Onions, Soaps, Wheat flour, Sanitizers, Masks, etc.

✅ 100% of your donation helps in procuring and distributing meal kits to families of daily wage earners in our target locations

✅ 80G Tax exemption certificate will be issued for all donations; every donation is tax-deductible under 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

According to budget plan, utilization of donation is as follows:

✅ 80% of donations we utilize for the food groceries and nutritious food sponsorship for the slum dwellers, construction laborers, rickshaw pullers.

✅ 20% of donations we utilize for sanitizers, disinfectant lime fresh liquids, hypo liquids, medical supplies, and masks.

We spend transportation costs and project implementation coordination expenses from SERUDS general fund.

Individuals and companies are welcome to donate online on Milaap and support this cause. We pray all of us to come out of this situation triumphant and in the best of health.

Thank you for donating to our charity by supporting this pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 relief cause.