Gurram Vaishnavi

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Gurram Vaishnavi

₹24,000 of ₹24,000 raised
Category:Joy Home Orphanage
Age:11 years
Studying Class:4th class
School:Keshava Memorial High school
Father, Alive Y/N:Tirumalesh (Migrant Labour), Yes
Mother, Alive Y/N:Adhi Lakshmi (Migrant Labour), Yes
Date of Joining:26-10-15
Joined by Whom:Volunteer
Address:Budhawara Peta, Kurnool


Gurram Vaishnavi ‘s  father Thirumalesh works at a construction site. Vyshanvi’s mother Adi Lakshmi is sick and is not able to take care of her children . Her father often has to work on construction sites which are in different states because of which he is not able to help and take care of his children. Because of this he joined vyshanvi and her sister Revathi at SERUDS so that she can grow up under the care of elders.

She is really good at studies and has scored highest marks because of which she attends Keshava memorial English medium school. She participates in essay writing competitions frequently. She is fluent in English.  She likes to play badminton and English. She aspires to become a doctor. As she saw her sick mother she determined to become doctor one day and cure others.

She has been with the SERUDS family for more than 7 years and is very happy with the educational facilities, food, and other activities provided at Joy Home.


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