G. Vaishnavi

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G. Vaishnavi

₹24,000 of ₹24,000 raised
Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 6 years
Studying Class :
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : Tirumalesh (Migrant Labour), Yes
Mother, Alive Y/N : Adhi Lakshmi (Migrant Labour), Yes
Date of Joining : 26-10-15
Joined by Whom : Volunteer
Address : Budhawara Peta, Kurnool


Vaishnavi parents are so poor and they are daily wage labours. Throughout the month, they won’t get work because they are living in a small village in Kurnool district. They hardly getting their livelihood. Suddenly Revathi’s mother well ill. Her father feels it is so burdened to him to get medicines for her. But he should so it became so difficult to feed the children regularly. At the time he heard about JOY HOME that they observed in the T.V. scroll. He too observed the school about JOY HOME  and felt so happy that he got the correct place for her child to study and to get healthy food. When he observed the items like dal, vegetables, fruits, milk, sweets etc. in the home. He cried like anything he said even on auspicious days also they never looked like that. So he left the child in the home.


Vaishnavi four years little girl. Though she is not having any ideas about her futures only one she felt happy that she is eating well and going to school regularly.


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