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Floods – 2009-Seva-Award

Our Achievements

Some Milestones Over the Years

✅ Conducted national seminar on Right to education act with 125 participants and recommended measures for its effective implementation

✅ Organized seminar on Investor Education with 167 participants.

✅ Organized midday meal program and distribution of groceries to 40 old age women.

✅ Running 12 creche centers (day care) with 360 kids in slum areas.

✅ Support for shelter, nutritious food and educational material to 25 orphan, semi orphans and street children.

✅ Provided educational material to 250 disabled students.

✅ Provided sewing machines to 125 girls and women to support their livelihood.

✅ 70 tribal women were trained in bamboo making and assisted in establishment of self employment units.

✅ Baseline survey on natural and human resources were conducted in 6 villages

✅ 1150 women, youth and general public were sensitized on environment protection.

✅ 290 slum women were educated on naturopathy awareness.

✅ 1890 farmers, agriculture labour, women, children, youth were sensitized on affects of climate change.

✅ WASH campaign conducted in 18 villages of Kadapa,Kurnooland Anathapur districts

✅ 5 bio gas plants were constructed for 5 dalit women

✅ 10 women beneficiaries were trained in LED & Solar Systems

✅ 20 women beneficiaries were trained in maintenance & repairing of LPG stoves

✅ 52 rural women were sensitized on energy conservation

✅ 1140 students, women and youth were created awareness through meat out campaign.

✅ 240 educated youth trained in computer education and provided placement in different enterprises.

✅ 98 victims of domestic violence were given assistance by counseling and support services.

✅ Habitants of 30 villages were sensitized on food safety, quality control of drugs and integrated development.