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Derangula Eswaramma

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Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 18 years
Studying Class : 10th class
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : Derangula Nagalakshmayya (died)
Mother, Alive Y/N : D.Nagalakshmi, Died
Date of Joining : 12/1/2014
Joined by Whom : Grandfather: Maddilety
Address : Devnagar village, Bethamcherla Mandal, Kurnool District.


Eshwaramma is currently studying 10th class in Indira Gandhi memorial municipal corporation high school(IGMMCH) . Eashwarmma was joined here at joy home seruds by her grandfather, Maddileti. She was at a different hostel in Banaganapalle before she joined seruds family.

Her father Nagalakshmayya used to drink a lot. He used to abuse eashwaramma’s mother while he was drunk. He met with an accident and went into coma for 2 months. After her father recovered, Soon her mother died due to illness.

Still to this day she misses her mother’s food so much. Her father cared about her but his drinking addiction became worse and couldn’t take care of her.  Her grandfather took responsibility of her. As he is getting old and does not have enough energy to take care of her, she was joined in Seruds Orphanage.

She is determined to be educated and have a good job. Reason behind that is her parents wanted her to be like that. She said “My parents always wanted me to study well and have a really good job. I want to make their dream come true.” She likes to sing and sings really well. Recently in 2021 her father also died due to heart attack.

She has been with the SERUDS family for more than 7 years and is very happy with the educational facilities, food, and other activities provided by Joy Home.


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