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Category:Joy Home Orphanage
Age:14 years
Studying Class:8th class, English medium
Father, Alive Y/N:Peddashekhar
Mother, Alive Y/N:Someshwari
Date of Joining:2019
Joined by Whom:Mother
Address:Nannur, Uyyalawada, Andhra Pradesh


Suri joined SERUDS in 2020.  His father Peddashekar, who was addicted to tobacco,  died 4 years ago due to Tuberculosis . After his father’s death,  Chinanna’s mother Someshwari started working more to support the family financially. Because of which she could not take care of her children .  Suri used to occasionally work at farms plucking Chilli etc to share his mother’s burden.  His mother wanted her two children Chinnanna and Suri to study well and understood that it would not be possible if the  children  stayed in their village Nannur. So he and his brother Chinnanna were joined by his mother at SERUDS in 2020.He misses his home and mother very much and often does not sleep well as he misses his father very much.

Though Suri is an average student at studies he understands the importance of education and wants to finish his degree and support his mother and take care of his mother. He is a very active kid at Joy Home and makes his surroundings filled with fun



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