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USA Tax Benefits – Donate through 501(c)3 Organizations

Give2Asia is USA 501c3 nonprofit, making tax-deductible organization for US tax payers. Donate through Paypal account, Credit cards, Debit Cards. Seruds NGO has undergone Due Diligence process with Give2Asia and listed on this portal.

You can support our noble causes with your credit card, debit card, net banking through Give2Asia website.

You will get 501c3 Tax exemption certificate and tax receipt for donation from Give2Asia. Tax Payers in USA are eligible for tax exemption for their tax deductible donations.


Save the Child Foundation (AshaJyothi USA) Save the Child Foundation (AshaJyothi USA) is 501 c (3 ) non-profit organization in USA and all donations are tax exempt for US tax payers. It accepts donations offline & online via Credit Cards, PayPal.

When you make donation in online or check to SERUDS through AshaJyothi USA, please mention SERUDS name in the purpose / notes.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF)   is a 501(c)(3) tax exempted non-profit organization. SVCF’s collaboration with YourCause has simplified international charitable giving for thousands of employees across the U.S. and laid the groundwork for much wider expansion of philanthropy across foreign borders. SERUDS undergone due diligence conducted by SVCF to ensure the organization were equivalent to U.S. public charities. If following company employees in USA donates to SERUDS from their companies there are matching grants available to SERUDS from YourCause/ SVCF. See your company List.

80G Tax Benefits in India is an online Donation Platform, which supports Best Indian NGOs Causes for the poor and needy in India. iCharity conducts due diligence & scrutinizes & enlist NGOs.

SERUDS have gone through all the criteria and listed on iCharity portal to receive online donations to feed the hungry destitute elderly people, education for orphan children. Sponsor underprivileged orphan, street children on this donation platform. All donations through Godparents are tax deductible under Sec 80G of Income Tax Exemption Act. is a Online Donation Platform where the portal collects Donations for Child Sponsorship Programs for Education, Food, Shelter and provides financial support to NGOs listed on this website. NGOs utilizes the money for sponsored child and submits the update about Progress of Child Education and to the Donor and


Letzchange Foundation is a non-profit organization helping people raise money for vetted and verified Indian NGO projects online. After making a donation you receive 80G tax exemption receipt directly from the Letzchange Foundation.

All donations through Letzchange is tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act.


ImpactGuru is a fintech company that offers a crowdfunding solution for donations for nonprofits. Impact Guru issues the tax exemption receipt for your contribution on behalf of SERUDS for successful transaction which are eligible to claim for tax payers in India.