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Manjula Laxmi

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Category:Joy Home Orphanage
Age:19 years
Studying Class:BSc., computers , degree final year
School:KVR Degree college
Father, Alive Y/N:Venkateshwarlu (left family)
Mother, Alive Y/N:Venkateswaramma
Date of Joining:June 2012
Joined by Whom:Mother
Address:Palukuru, Banagapalle


Manjula Laxmi’s father Venkateshwarlu is an alcohol addict. Because of his addiction he used to snatch away money and physically assault laxmi’s mother. Her mother took the entire family’s burden on herself. She used to work at a farm but the money she earned was not sufficient to provide food for her daughters Mounika and Laxmi.

Seeing their condition a pastor in her village suggested SERUDS to mounika’s mother. Laxmi and her sister Mounika joined SERUDS in 2012, since then they have been taking care of them. Venkateswaramma has been working with SERUDS since 2012. Laxmi is currently studying B.Sc in KVR degree college.  SERUDS has been helping them to attend computer classes so that they can achieve their goal. She scores more than 85% in her degree. She aspires to be a teacher one day.

She has joined SERUDS in 2012 and since then they are taking care of all her needs. Now she is very happy with her friends since her sister is also with her, she gets good food, evening tuition, plays games and other activities.


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