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Let’s make Healthcare a Reality for Everyone

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Caste and religious discrimination results in these families being dependent on bonded labour, rolling raw tobacco into cigarettes. Children are at risk through exposure to the tobacco atmosphere in the womb, as infants and as child-labourers (from 7 yrs old).

The children are from low-caste Muslim, Hindu, tribal families who are uneducated, do not own land or have alternative livelihoods. 7580 children in the project villages will be helped, along with their families; a total of 25500 people

We are helping children and their families from ‘untouchable’ communities in rural locations escape poverty, child-labour in ‘tobacco making’ cigar factories, and ill-health through education, health care and livelihood support.

Providing an integrated program of education, health care & livelihood opportunities for sustainable income stopping child labor, including the provision of access to education (daycare with creche facilities).

Each child can access education, proper health care, nutrition, and recreation to enable them to have a childhood free from child labor and child marriage and to support their overall development and the completion of their education.

In the future, India will see a full range of healthcare options, with small clinics coexisting alongside home treatment and huge, advanced hospitals. Outside of hospitals, more and more home healthcare, ambulatory, and emergency care services are being offered. The emphasis is likewise shifting away from curative care and toward prevention.

Health care systems are organizations designed to meet the health needs of targeted populations. A well-functioning healthcare system can significantly contribute to a country’s economy, development, and industrialization.

In India, people are divided into castes and religions, due to the fact discrimination results in these families. This is happening from the past but time and people changed. They are breaking the boundaries to help themselves as well as others. This results in a better society and better living.

How is healthcare in India? Is it good or does it need to be improved? What’s the situation in reality?

Now let us talk about the real scenario in present society. We will go through the weak and strongest part of the healthcare system in India and how we can be part of the change that India needs.
Firstly, when we talk about health people are not at all interested in this topic because they are not aware of what is what. So, to educate them about health we need a good professional who can explain to us in short terms or we can consult a medical professional. We need to learn the terms, and stuff as we can be aware of what could be the symptoms and get alerted. If we have even more resources than what we have, we can learn and get to know about what type of medicines to be used at least for seasonal influenza-like cold, flu etc. We know headache, vomiting, loose motions, runny nose, body aches, fatigue, sneezing, loss of appetite, sore throat and fever are the symptoms of cold and flu. So we will go to the chemist and ask for the medicine that we require. This is because we have the knowledge of symptoms and medical terms which we learned in here.

Secondly, people shouldn’t know every nook and corner of the problem. Basically, they need to know which influenza, what are the medicines, how and when we are affected, and the related symptoms so we can take medicines. But is it medically recommended only for influenza-like cold or flu. Like, if it is fever then we will take a fever-related tablet. When it is a headache then we will take the related medicine. Even though it is not cured after taking generally recommended medicines then we need to consult a doctor. After consulting the doctor we will know what the situation is and get a medical prescription of tablets and syrups. Ok, till now we have seen the scenario if we are aware of basic health and benefits of understanding them in advance.

FAQ’s Related To Charity For Healthcare in India:

What is your healthcare program?
Ans: Seruds healthcare is an integrated program, providing urgent and specialized health services, through health camps across Andhra Pradesh.

Who will be aided by this program?
Ans: Through education, health care, and livelihood opportunities, we are assisting families and children from ‘untouchable’ communities in rural areas to escape poverty, child slavery in ‘tobacco-making’ cigar factories, and ill-health.

How many children will benefit from this program?
Ans: The youngsters are from low-caste Muslim, Hindu, and tribal households who are uneducated and lack access to property or alternate sources of income. A total of 25500 children and families were helped, in that 7820 were children.