We are helping children and their families from ‘untouchable’ communities in rural locations escape poverty, child-labour in ‘tobacco making’ cigar factories, and ill-health through education, health care and livelihood support.

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Donate to Charitable Health Programs by SERUDS NGO Kurnool for Poor Children

Caste and religious discrimination results in these families being dependent on bonded labour, rolling raw tobacco into cigarettes. Children are at risk through exposure to the tobacco atmosphere in the womb, as infants and as child-labourers (from 7 yrs old).

The children are from low-caste muslim, hindu, tribal families who are uneducated, do not own land or have alternative livelihoods. 7580 children in the project villages will be helped, along with their families; a total of 25500 people.

Let’s make healthcare a reality for everyone


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Sponsor School Supplies for Poor Children in Kurnool by SERUDS India NGO


Providing an integrated program of education, health-care & livelihood opportunities for sustainable income stopping child labor, including provision of access to education (day care with creche facilities).

Each child can access education, proper health care, nutrition, and recreation to enable them to have a childhood free from child-labour and child-marriage, and to support their overall development and the completion of their education.