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Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 11 years
Studying Class :
School : IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N : Maddileti, No
Mother, Alive Y/N : Gangamma, No
Date of Joining :
Joined by Whom : Fathers  Brother
Address : Palukuru, Banaganipalle.


Ramaiah’s father Maddileti mother Gangamma were laboured in Palukuru village near Kurnool. There they will get only the work of breaking stones. It is so difficult to work but the wages are so less doing the hard work regularly without proper food both parents get ill and died. Ramaiah was so small boy at the time. Parents themselves feel so difficult to look after their children. But how other relations can will look after anyone. Anyhow his aunt Gangamma looked after him. They are also poor and they have their own children. So she decided to send him to JOY HOME because she heard about it through the paster Prabhudas.


Ramaiah is not at all worrying about his life though his parents are not alive because the organizers treating him like their own son and providing everything and encouraging him to study well.


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