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Volunteering and Internship at SERUDS NGO

How to Volunteer or Intern at SERUDS

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The best volunteering and internship opportunities are with SERUDS India. SERUDS seeks dynamic, enthusiastic, mature and committed individuals and professionals for its volunteer positions.

There are a variety of ways you can join SERUDS in helping save lives and improve the livelihoods of people around the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. SERUDS offers opportunities to volunteer and intern both in Andhra Pradesh, India from the United States, Europe and in both Development as well as Emergency Relief activities.

Volunteering can affect professional skills in a positive way. It is also very common to simply identify what interns do as volunteer work.

Domestic Volunteer and Internship

A variety of domestic volunteer and internship opportunities with SERUDS NGO INDIA in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. They are available in relevant areas such as website designing, Search Engine Optimization, research and development, fundraising, social media networking, graphics, information technology, designing of leaflet, posters;

The SERUDS will not pay any internship fee during their internship.

To apply for a domestic volunteer opportunity please send a CV/Resume to

To apply for a domestic internship opportunity please contact:

Testimonials from Interns:

My Experiences with SERUDS

SERUDS, through its activities, has been a ray of hope to many backward people in Kurnool District. My field visits to Creche centres, Elderly mid-day meal programs, vocational training centres and orphanages made me see from close quarters the problems faced by the weaker sections of the society.

I appreciate the sincere efforts of SERUDS to mitigate the sufferings of these people and feel really lucky to be a part of some of those activities. Working with these people brought me a great sense of satisfaction. It is not just experienced I have gained from my time spent with SERUDS, I have gained virtues like humbleness and simplicity. Please see my final report about SERUDS for more information.

P Rakesh Reddy, B044, MBA-Core, NMIMS, Mumbai

Type of queries from Volunteers:

Hello Mallikarjuna Garu,

I am Kalyani from NJ, USA. I am from Kurnool. Born, brought up and studied in Kurnool. My children are 13 yr old and 10 yr old. I visit Kurnool in our Summer time to visit my parents pretty much every year. I am looking for any volunteer opportunities that my 13 yr Son and even my 10 yr daughter can participate probably in July or August of 2014.

Please keep me posted with the activities. Let me know if any outside kids can come and participate in your camps or whatever it may be, could be teaching the kids ( saw the orphan girls and boys talking about the place and care they are getting) on something or other options you have.

This will help my children to have a look at this aspect of life and also helps to nurture some values in them. They need some volunteer hrs where they can do here in US, but I thought they should do in Kurnool.

Thank You in advance for your response. Appreciate what you are doing for the society.