Status of Poor Elders in India

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  • According to a 2016 government report, there were 104 million elders in India, making the country the second largest with population of elders globally. By 2050 the number is expected to reach 326 million.
  • A 2015 survey by All India Senior Citizens’ Confederation reports that 60 per cent of elderly people living with their families face abuse; 66 per cent are below the poverty line.
  • Women in India depend on their husbands for proving financial resources and social status. As a result, a large proportion of them face risk of dependence on children, poverty, isolation and neglect after the husband’s death. More than 20% elder women live alone due to death of husband, abandonment or children living in another city.
  • A shocking fact is that over 55 million elders sleep hungry every night


The growing crisis of elders calls for urgent intervention, but the government with its limited resources, can make only meager provisions. There is an urgent need for the private sector and NGOs to help feed destitute elders. SERUDS is one the leading NGOs which has been feeding them. We need your support to extend the reach of our mid day meals project.

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Midday Meals program for Destitute Elderly Women

In all busy, public places like railway stations you will find them very old and destitute people begging or simply wandering around. Have you spared a thought as to how they survive how do they get food and shelter for the cold nights? Most sleep in pavements and survive on alms, neglected by their family.

If a poor and destitute old person is provided at least one wholesome meal in a day, she has a chance to face the challenges of her hard life. Seruds has conducted surveys around Kurnool and identified many such elders who need help. Most are homeless, or live in huts but do have means to cook.

Under this program, with our limited resources, we provide nutritious midday meals to 30 poor old people from slums in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh every day.

Word about this food bank has spread and people come to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries by sponsoring festive meals or donating warm blankets or clothes. We welcome you to share special moments with these lively grannies. You will be amazed by their courage and make new friends.

How Can You Help?

✅ A Contribution of only Rs. 2750 (USD40) will provide nutritious and hot meal to 30 Elders

✅ You may choose to sponsor mid-day meals for one month, or any amount you desire.

✅ You can sponsor clothes, blankets, toiletries, sweaters for distribution

✅ You can contribute food material like rice, dal, vegetables

✅ Sponsor meals to poor elderly people on behalf of someone, birthday gift, on the occasion of wedding anniversary, ceremony of some one.

Donation of Rs 2500 will cover cost of one meal daily for one elder for one month.

Sponsor Meals for Destitute Elders

FAQs Related To Midday meals for elderly people:

What is a midday meals project?
Ans: Midday meals is a project where the people will be provided food once a day. A similar scheme is run by governments of different states for children. But this project is to provide food for elderly people.

What is the point of a midday meal project?
Ans: The growing elder crisis necessitates immediate intervention, but the government’s limited resources enable for only meager provisions. SERUDS is one of the leading non-governmental organizations that has been feeding them. We need your help to spread the word about our midday meal project.

How can one contribute to the resolution of such a crisis?
Ans: Through SERUDS you can contribute to stabilizing such a crisis. Seruds is doing a project called midday meals for elderly people. You as a sponsor can support to stabilize the situation to a certain extent.

Does my contribution really matter in terms of crisis stabilization?
Ans: Yes, every contribution matters for the stabilization of the crisis. When people like you extend their hands for a great cause helps others to follow the great cause and leads to the stabilization of the food crisis.

Can I be part of this project?
Ans: Yes, you can be part of this project by contributing 2750 INR (USD 40) to provide nutritious and hot meals to 30 elders or 2500 INR for one person for one month. Donating food for 30 people or a single person, that only leads you to the list of humanitarian/ altruistic group humans.