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V. Sumathi

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Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 11 years
Studying Class : 7th class
School :
Father, Alive Y/N : Venkateshwarlu
Mother, Alive Y/N : Laxmi Devi
Date of Joining : 2015
Joined by Whom : Mother
Address : Thammarajupalle,Panyam, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh


V. Sumathi was admitted at Joy Home, SERUDS when she was just 6 years. Sumathi’s mother Laxmi Devi admitted her at SERUDS. Sumathi’s father Venkateshwarlu and her mother Laxmi devi used to get into serious fights because of his drinking problem. Lakshmi Devi has 3 daughters and this is one of the reasons Sumathi’s father doesn’t take care of the children and snatches away the money from her mother Laxmidevi. Sumathi used to work at farms when she was a kid along with her mother. Laxmidevi was not able to educate them or provide a good environment. At some point Laxmidevi opposed her husband because of which he left the family.

Unable to manage the financial burden of the family she got to know about SERUDS from some relatives and approached SERUDS for help. Laxmidevi was given a job, and her daughters found shelter.

Currently, Sumathi’s mother works at SERUDS and Sumathi and her sisters are able to attend school and have a happy environment around them because of SERUDS.
She is really excited to be able to study and play kabaddi and kho-kho at school.

She is very good at studies and aspires to be a software engineer one day. SERUDS has a personal computer where Sumathi used to learn computer, typing etc which were provided by a teacher at SERUDS

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