E. Lingeswari

₹24,000 of ₹24,000 raised
Category:Joy Home Orphanage
Age:11 years
Studying Class:VI Std
School:IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N:E.Sudhakar (Drunken Father), Yes
Mother, Alive Y/N:E.Lalitha (Tuberculosis Patient), Yes
Date of Joining:1/17/2015
Joined by Whom:Uncle Mahadev
Address:Bramhanadoddi Village, C Belagal Mandal, Kurnool District


Lingeswari is an eleven year’s old girl. Her parents were labourers. But her father was drunken. He used to spend his earning on cheap liquor only. So Lingeswari mother suffers a lot to maintain the family needs. Totally six members are there in the family. Even she cannot provide food sufficiently to the children then how can she provide money for their education. The government may provide free education but for books and other things, she needs money. When she was worried about their studies she heard about JOY HOME through Mahadev her uncle. She thought her child will study well and her future will be so nice. So she joined her in the JOY HOME.


Lingeswari when she was at home hardly she will get food. Even she is not having a proper dress. Often get in sick due to unhealthy circumstances. But now she is studying VI Std. The organizers giving her milk, vegetables, leafy vegetables, sweets, steamed cooked rice, dhal, medical care, clothes, uniforms etc. Now her health is so good. Without problems, she is concentrating on studies and getting good marks.

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