Sponsor Child Boya Ramudu for Education Food

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Sponsor Child Boya Ramudu for Education Food

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Category:Joy Home Orphanage
Age:14 years
Studying Class: IX Std.
School:IGMM School, A.Camp, Kurnool
Father, Alive Y/N:Hanumanthu, No
Mother, Alive Y/N:Sunkulamma, Yes
Date of Joining:26-12-13
Joined by Whom:Fathers brother Ranganna
Address:Bantu Palli, Devana Konda, kodumuru.


Sunkalamma and Hanumanthu the parents of Ramudu who were agricultural labourers in a very small village called Lingamdinne in Kurnool district. As the rainfall is so less often they did not get work and with children, they have to starve. His father Hanumanthu was addicted to alcohol. Because of his drinking habit he slowly he became ill and died. His mother Sunkulamma had the entire burden of the family on her shoulders and she began to work hard for the sake of the family. Sadly she alone cannot fulfil the needs of the family. She heard about JOY HOME through his brother-in-law and joined Ramudu in the Home.


Ramudu a 14 years old boy studying 9th class now. He is shy in nature. He understood his family conditions and without hesitating join in the JOY HOME and concentrating on studies. He is getting good marks and happy with other members of JOY HOME. He is a hardworking student. When asked about what he likes about Joy Home, he says he likes clean and hygienic facilities. He wants to grow up and become a scientist.


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