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We conduct need based sensitization programs like HIV/ AIDS Awareness, Seasonal Diseases, Importance of Education, Economic Empowerment Programs for women, children, community leaders, self-help groups, youth in Rural areas and urban slums.
The main motto of this programme is to help people understand how deadly diseases can affect you, your life and your family. Many children got abandoned due to these deadly diseases. It can be HIV, AIDS, cancer, unknown viruses and more. Even though some diseases are curable, the amount that it costs to cure those diseases is not affordable by common people.
Seruds is an NGO helping children whose parents abandoned them were affected by deadly diseases like HIV, cancer, AIDS, and rare viruses. Some lost their parents and some lost their families in floods, which were caused due to climate change. Due to lack of education the children are choosing the wrong path, getting involved in drug rackets, addicted to alcohol, losing their consciousness, fighting with people and behaving like a rogue. Seruds is providing them with education and assisting these people, empowering them with knowledge, skill, and empathy, such that they can have a meaningful life.


In India most of the people who get affected are the poor section of the country. India has the world’s third-largest HIV epidemic, with 2.1 million individuals infected. HIV infection caused roughly 100,000 fatalities (59,000 to 140,000) in the United States, accounting for 3.2 percent (1.9 percent to 4.6 percent) of all deaths among adults aged 15 to 59.

If we compare it to our neighboring countries, India seems to be improving. The reason for the improving graph is people are getting aware of it and avoiding the situation.

But can we stop at this moment as the graph is improving? The answer is NO. The awareness campaigns need to happen frequently and educate people accordingly.

Seasonal diseases:

The main reason for seasonal diseases is climate change. India being the developing nation, construction activities take place,dwelling, potholes, air pollution, traffic due to vehicles, industries, processing units and more are also part of this. When we first hear of dwelling for material we think of cement, sand, steel, iron, and many more. Potholes are formed due to the heavy vehicles that travel on vehicle roads, rain while reconstruing the road or many other factors. Every road is designed for dedicated vehicles. If we write it down it goes on. But how can we link it to seasonal diseases?

If I say, these all can be a factor for getting the seasonal disease. Yes, development is a major factor in climate change. The most common diseases that are caused due to air pollution are heart diseases, stroke, lung diseases and acute lower respiratory infections in children. Not only these diseases cold, flu, cholera, typhoid and others can be a part of the seasonal disease.
This climate change results in a variety of monsoon disorders, some of which are common during the rainy season. Our immune system is weakened during the monsoon season, which leads to an increase in water-borne infections.

However, we should all be aware of why our bodies are vulnerable during the rainy season, as well as how to stay safe and protected at this time.

Importance of education:

“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world. ” by Nelson Madela in his meeting for education.
Anything in the world that gets you knowledge, food and lifestyle is education. Education is the only thing in the world not fixed for a particular community of people, it is open for all and all are eligible to get an education. With education we can know what’s happening around us, the moral values, the language, our past, the sacrifices, the talent and the most important thing is our future. We can also get to know our interest on which subject and what part of the subject. So that we can contribute to humanity. For this, the only thing we can help is to get a basic education.

India has more uneducated people than anywhere else in the world. The reason is In a wealthier home, this condition has no impact on children’s reading or health. These “extra” children are more likely to receive the bare minimum of resources required to survive and develop. However, in lower caste, rural, and poor households, inadequate resources imply that having an extra child depletes the resources available to all of the children in the family.
However, for illiterate and poor mothers, an extra child is a higher gain. That impacts on a child’s education lowering the interest in education and allowing them to enroll for work at a small age. Reducing family size in poor backgrounds is losing significantly bigger gains. That one thing that can change their situation is Education.

Economic empowerment:

Means it is a strategic objective that decreases poverty and supports economic growth, improves educational access, improves health outcomes, enhances political stability, and promotes democracy. As we know men get a basic education and have a right to a job. In most parts of India men are the decision-maker as he is the only one who earns money. Others are considered as just a part of the family and males get respect until they earn money. Women are said to be in the kitchen and keep the family strong from the inside. But never given the right to suggest in family matters. We need to remove the thought that men are to work and women are to cook and take care of children and family, from our minds. This will be the first step of equality.
So women need to come out of their houses, work or have a small business, earn money, make decisions, invest in health, educate their children, be part of family and society. When everyone is equal and has the right to themselves, then that leads to the betterment of society. Moreover, in rural areas, people are not interested in getting an education. They are interested in getting money which is a preoccupied thought of our society. This can convert them into slaves rather an educated people.

When all these are happening around us and we are not aware of any of these. We need to educate people, get an awareness of the situations in them, empower them, and make them self independent.

FAQ’s Related To Charity For Awareness Program:

What is an awareness programme?
Ans: Seruds is incharge of a sensible programme, where many children who got abandoned due to one of the incurable diseases like HIV / AIDS, seasonal diseases, effects of over alcohol consumption, and other reasons which affect their parents and left them orphan. This programme enlightens the minds of people so as to not get affected.

What other awareness programmes are conducted by Seruds?
Ans: Women empowerment, the significance of education, and empowerment programmes for children, communities, self-help organisations, and youngsters in rural and urban slums are among several programmes conducted by seruds.

How to participate in an awareness programme?
Ans: There are two ways to be part of this programme. One you can donate if you are out of station, and the other way is contributing like a knowledge provider, help understand how serious if this is not followed the safety rules. Most of them want to choose the second way but end the first way by donating.

Can I be part of this awareness programme?
Ans: Yes, you can be part of this programme. This is open to all. Contributing your time and efforts for the better future of society. Helping hands is better than praying lips.