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List Of Best NGOs In Delhi Helping Millions of Needy People in NCR

List Of Best NGOs In Delhi Helping Millions of Needy People

In this blog, let’s find out the best NGOs in Delhi to make a donation. Among all charitable org in NCR, which one is the most trusted NGO to help. Read the updated version of this article here.

There are plenty of NGOs in India, literally. Do you know in Delhi alone we have more than 76,000 NGOs functioning? Don’t believe us? Check our source, 8th para last line.

The biggest question remains unanswered, which among all the NGOs in Delhi (NCR) are best and genuine to donate?

Let’s Hop On The Ride To Unveil The List Of Best NGOs In Delhi To Donate:

(This isn’t any list of top 5 NGOs, there’s no ascending or descending order)

Smile Foundation NGO:

Established in 2002, Smile Foundation is spread across 24 states in India. It is one of the topmost NGOs that often have celebs like Virat Kohli at their event. 

Their headquarters is situated in Delhi and they majorly work for women and children’s health. 

Teach For India:

As a part of the National movement, Teach for India serves thousands of children in Delhi to get education for free. Truly a remarkable NGO that is spreading like fire across India for all good reasons, all thanks to their volunteers. View website.


As a part of SERUDS team, we have to operate in association with several Delhi based NGOs. SERUDS NGO has a 2-decade long history of visiting other states and helping the needy people with required causes like for providing shelter to Orphans, Scholarships to poor students and medicines to old age people. 

Best NGOs in Delhi - Homeless people in NCR


Deepalaya NGO has been inactive status since 1976. With such a long history, one of the best NGOs in Delhi has touched the lives of millions of children. Their tag-line, Enabling Self Reliance, literally means spreading education among the poorest of the poor and making them independent. Remarkable Team Deepalaya.

CARE India Foundation:

It’s an honour to write about an Organisation that redefined social work in the National capital region. Care India has been working for 65 years and their enormous deeds include figures par excellence. Just visit their official website to know more about them.

There was our pick for the best NGOs in the capital region of the country. Please note that we have excluded a few names that were included in Best NGOs in India article. Click to view.