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Make Charity via These Trusted Platforms | Ngo Donations in India

Make Charity via These Trusted Platforms _ Ngo Donation in India

In this blog: Let’s discuss trusted platforms to make NGO Donations in India. These charity portals unify the contributions to their right cause.

Online donations are just as simple as it is but is your money reaching the intended person?

Well let’s not brag about it but the point is every time someone makes a charity in any kind of donations, it shall rest assured that it is being processed to the intended recipient.

It is very important for everyone to know about the trusted platforms for NGO donations.

So, here are some of the trusted platforms to make a donation in India.


1. GlobalGiving Foundation:

GlobalGiving is the world’s first crowdfunding online portal for NGO donations. Considered as the safest medium to donate, it operates thousands of NGOs spread across 170 countries. The interface on their website allows trusted NGOs to build their profile and post the projects and people can donate accordingly. Click to donate

2. Milaap Crowdfunding in India:

Milaap is the simplest fundraising platform established around a decade ago. Milaap has spread Tits roots to raise medical treatment funds as an NGO donation in India. Mentioned in a post by Hindustan Times Milaap has raised more than 1200 crore Rupees funds for needy people. Click to donate.

genuine donations for ngos

3. iCharity NGO Donations Platform:

iCharity is both a mediator that accelerates the procedure of donations and also reaches out to massive people whose heart melts for the needy people. One of the most reputed portals for charity, iCharity is a trusted platform that is partnered with several NGOs. (and Seruds is one among them). Click to donate.

4. Give2Asia Charity:

Based in USA, Give2Asia is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that accepts online donations. It monitors in more than 26 countries and helps people get the right donations at the right time. Give2Asia accepts charity across the globe but it focuses more on deprived people in Asia. Click to donate

Get more details about other platforms to visit this page