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National Doctor’s Day: Learn About The Charity Work By These Doctors

National Doctor’s Day Learn About These Doctors & Their Social Work

On occasion of National Doctors Day, let’s learn about doctors who are doing extremely good for society. Quitting luxury lifestyle and serve poor and needy with their charity service isn’t a piece of cake. 

In countries like India where medical industries are likely to hit 372 billion $ by 2022, there are doctors in the same country who doesn’t want to make it commercial. These doctors provide free treatment and help poor and needy people. 

Let’s See The List Of Doctors Who Help The Society With Their Charity Work:

Dr. Tahir Hussain:

Delhi based young doctor, Dr. Tahir Hussain volunteers and provides 2 hours of his service for free at Baptist Church, Karol Bagh. “We go to that clinic near church frequently and without paying a single rupee we get the treatment”, said one of the patients to Times of India

Dr. Abhijit Sonawane:

Heart melted out when we read an article: Pune Doctor Visits Beggars for Free Check-Ups, Helps Them Live with Dignity, It was about Dr. Abhijit Sonawane who provides free treatment to beggars on the roadside. All he gets paid is rs 5 for all his services, Massive respect. 

Dr Abhijit Solawane Pune Charity

Image Source: The Better India

Dr. Narasinga Rao: 

He runs a clinic providing free treatment for the needy people under his hospital named as ‘US Lotus Family Healthcare Center’. Following a post on The Hindu, Dr. Narasinga is a research officer at GITAM medical college and often practices his time at a charitable clinic.

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Dr. Leena Sharma:

Being a homeopathic practitioner in Delhi, Dr. Leena Sharma provides free treatment to poor people. “As doctors, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to make wellness accessible to as many people as possible,” Sharma said to Indiatimes.

Being a doctor is the noblest profession. Hats off to the real-life heroes who are making this world a better place. Wishing you all a Happy National Doctors Day.