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List of Best NGOs in Hyderabad – Genuine Charitable Organisations

List of Best NGOs in Hyderabad - Genuine Charitable Organisations

In this blog: Let’s discuss the list of best NGOs in Hyderabad and the tremendous charity work by the Non-profit organizations that helped many needy people. Read the updated version of this article here.

Hyderabad, The city of nawabs is continuing its winning streak of being ranked as the best city to live in India. This city got everything… shopping malls, historic places, nawab restaurants, amusement parks, IT hubs, and NGOs as well.

Talking about NGOs in Hyderabad, there are a lot of charitable organizations. Roughly around 400 (number of search results in Yellow pages, the actual number may vary).

Which among all the NGOs are the best to donate? Here we have a definite list of top charities in Hyderabad.

List of Best NGOs in Hyderabad:


One of the most popular 501c3 Nonprofit in the USA, Save the Child Foundation is indeed one of the best organizations working for the betterment of the children was founded in 2009 by Ravi Kantamsetty on the core philosophy of social responsibility to save special needs orphan children, abandoned children, and underprivileged children primarily in rural India. Entirely driven by socially responsible volunteers with a passion to change the world and save a child in need. (Source). 

Recently in Hyderabad, Save the Child Foundation has been distributing sanitary napkins to girl children under the PARI scheme in government schools. A great measure to spread menstrual hygiene.


It is an Award-winning organization for social work for The deprived people,  improving their lives. All this just in a span of 5 years. It has the largest volunteer base of more than 5000 people.

Their projects include feeding people, empowering women, educating poor kids, etc.


One of the best NGOs originally started in Hyderabad. It started spreading its roots to Hyderabad by providing scholarships to many budding scholars. It is helping poor students by giving scholarships for education.

Promoting Arts & cultural events every year during the month of September in Ravindra Bharathi, Lalitha Kala Samithi in the name of Shri.Ravada Vijaya Kumar. Ravada Foundation supporting SERUDS Charity since its inception for the Elderly meal and Old Age Home Meal Sponsorships. 


It is a registered charitable trust working among Orphan children and running an Orphanage which is dedicated to providing a Stable and loving Family Atmosphere to the children who lost their parents. 

The warden-owner, Mr.David is really a dedicated person towards all the kids (close to 50 orphans), as per Deccan Chronicle.

Best NGos in Hyderabad.


Originally based in New Delhi, the non-profit monitors across the nation spreading roots to Hyderabad also. Established years ago, Goonj NGO has been touching the lives of lakhs of people. 

Interestingly, Goonj NGO is also regarded as the best NGO in India. They also have a Wikipedia page. Click to view


Amma Foundation is a registered Trust, based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Working towards the upliftment of the destitute and deprived of society. Amma foundation extends its helping hand to needy, poor, disabled, destitute persons to make them good citizens of tomorrow.

One of a kind NGO where the primary serving area is low-cost marriages. Amma Foundation has tied up with various services providers and worked at an inexpensive package for Donors who can support the complete marriage at only Rs.50,000 per marriage.

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It was launched a decade and a half ago with a mere 25 kids under their NGO. Eventually, the numbers increased every year and now they have more than 200 kids. 

The foundation is a combined collaboration of various trustees and local volunteers. Well deserving name in the list of best NGO.


Started from Delhi, the Delhi Telugu Academy has been working for the various deprived sections of society. 

From the past decade, the organization has been spending its extensions to Hyderabad to help needy people.


This is basically a public health service (completely non-governmental). The whole agenda of the non-profit org, Helping Hands is to create better health and satisfying the medical needs of the needy people. 

Led by Mujtaba Hasan Askari – who made helping needy people in health care his full-time vocation after having worked in a top-notch IT company for over two decades – the Helping Hand Foundation has emerged as one of the best charities to donate to in India. (Source)

These were our picks of the best NGOs in Hyderabad. Please do comment below if we missed anything.