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Is Religion Important Than Humanity in India? Check What Survey Says

Is Religion Important Than Humanity in India_ Check What Survey Says

In this blog, let’s understand what’s important in India, Religion or Humanity. Checking out the stats based on the survey our team conducted a week ago.

India is one of the most diversified multi-cultural, multi-lingual and democratic countries. So there’s a frequently asked question in India, “Do people prefer humanity or religion?”

There are several articles on the internet, especially people’s opinions on quora for the same answer. Click here to read.

Well, there are tons of videos on the internet showing humanity is always a primary concern for humans over religion. A collection of such incidents are here, click to watch.

How about India? Is it the same or people prefer the opposite? Let’s find out the results of the survey our team conducted.

Here are the details of the survey: Humanity or Religion:

SERUDS volunteers team brainstormed about the survey. They were asked not to meddle with the answer or cross-question in any manner but just to collect the answer. 

Our team of volunteers went to different parts of Kurnool district, Hyderabad and Bengaluru with a question, “What’s more important, religion or humanity?”

Deep inside we all know that we were seeking an answer to humanity but the initial results were quite the opposite. 

Out of the first 2000 people, approximately 1400+ people opted for religious beliefs over humanitarian deeds. 

We didn’t lose hope as we were left with more than 8,000 different individuals to survey and the rest of the answers made us all WOW.


Can you believe once the survey was done, the results showcased some shocking results?

People who said, Religion is more important were around 1,900 out of 10,000 people (around 19% in total).

People who said that humanity is more important were around 2,700 out of 10,000 people i.e., 27%.

The rest of the people, around 53% of the total sample size denied the question saying, “Religion itself teaches humanity, can’t select any”

We all were as shocked as you but it turned out to be true that people who are truly aware of any religion are more generous towards humanity.

We all were very happy with the survey results. As there was no winner no loser but the results proved that there are such people because of whom even the least fortunate person can feel lucky.

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  1. Yes I strongly believe that humanity over religion …
    Temples and other religious structures have become businesses.. they can easily help wipe poverty by providing food clothing a roof and education… what bothers me that educated people believe in rituals and would give all their money to the temples rather than helping the poor ..

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