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Importance Of Charity For Education

Importance Of Charity For Education

In this blog: Let’s understand the impact of education on life and why it is important to make a charity for education.

We all know education is important and fetches us respect in the society. Education has a lot of benefits. An educated person is an asset to the society that will help the country grow. It gives us positivity that helps us have a better lifestyle.

Education is really (more) important for the younger generation as they hold the responsibility of the tomorrow’s society.

Let’s first break down the word ‘Education’. It’s not just going to school or reading books. It is a way of life that teaches time management, patience, how to dwell with others and most importantly, ethics. Lucky are the kids who get the opportunity of having education as 60 lakh children in India are still out-of-school (there are many reasons, poverty being one of them). Child labor is one big reason where lack of money forces children to work when they deserve to wear a school uniform.

As per an article by, “There are 33 million child laborers between the ages of 5-18  years in India as per Census 2011 data, and 10.13 million between the ages of 5-14 years”.

Education is the strongest weapon we can

There have been numerous attempts by govt to provide education for all but as a citizen, as a human, it is our duty to contribute in making future of the children who crave for education.

How much does it really cost for sponsoring education? Let’s see the breakdown.

Charity for Education (school fees)

S NO Purpose of donation Monthly donation amount one child sponsorship For 12 months donation amount one child sponsorship
1 School Fee 500 6000
2 Tuition fee 300 3600
3 Sponsoring a child Rs.800 Rs.9600


Charity for Education Material Kit

Purpose of Donation

School Uniforms : 1,000
Foot Wear :     300
Long Note Books :     150
School Bag :     300
Geometry Box :     300
English Dictionary :     250
6 Workbooks :     540
Total : 2,840

At Seruds we strive hard for providing the best education for the needy children of the society. But we can’t do it alone. We shall all together take a step for providing education for all children to make this world a better place.

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