S Alimbi

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S Alimbi

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Category:Groceries Support
Spouse Name:S Usmanmiyaa (late)
Son/ Daughter:1 son, 3 daughters
Address:Pasupala Village, Kurnool Mandal & District


Alimbi has 1 son and 1 daughter. Her son got married and living separately. Her husband used to work earlier in a small chilly market yard. But later he met with an accident and lost his one leg. Now he cannot afford any kind of work. Income has decreased drastically. Currently, she is not able to support herself and her family with a meagre income. She needs love, care and proper support to lead the rest of life with minimum.
Seruds is supporting her with monthly groceries consisting of rice, dal, bathing & washing soaps, hair oil, spices, lentils, vegetables, flour, biscuits, cooking oil, etc. By providing her with these minimum basic things, she is able to live with dignity and she feels grateful to sponsors. In this regard, she needs your support and for her well-being so that she can lead the rest of her healthy life happily.


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