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Donate Medicine in India for Poor People at Old Age Homes | Seruds NGO

Donate Medicine in India for Poor People at Old Age Homes

This blog is all about the donation of medicines required from people like you at our old age homes. People in their golden age are dependant on your charity.  In our previous blog, we mentioned how people end up throwing their clothes that never reach the needy people. Well, the response for the article is great as we received a few phone calls from nearby asking to donate clothes, we found solace. Thank you all. Here in this article, we want to shed some light on the necessity of the medicines for the old age people. When we talk about the basic necessity of life, food, water, clothes, and shelter are a few things. But when we hit a certain age, there’s a dire necessity of medicines as well to survive. This ‘certain age’ is becoming an even bigger issue to blame the impure food and high pollution, people are growing older than the age Earlier people use to face health issues during the ’60s or ’70s, are now facing the same health issues at ’40s or ’50s.

Life's bitter for golden ager
We urge people to donate medicines and other charity for the sake of medical-related expenses because the requirements are huge, the proportion of donations are less. 

Let’s talk about our very own NGO, Seruds OLD AGE HOMES

SERUDS Old Age Home is almost a decade and a half old. Still, we face tough times when it comes to providing medicines and regular hospital visits. A total of 20 elderly women stays in Seruds Old Age Homes, out of which 9 have critical health issues. With mostly on medication (promptly required) and occasional checkup is direly needed.  Nevertheless, we never found an issue with that because there are nice people who make a charity of medicines. Though people like you donate, still the needs aren’t met. We try our best to take care of them like our own parents or grandparents. We request everyone to make donations for medicines and other medical requirements so that the world for the golden ager can be a better place. Click here to make a donation to SERUDS OLD AGE HOME]]>