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Charity VS Philanthropy – Meaning , Differences and Explanation

Charity Vs Philanthropy

Charity vs Philanthropy, What’s the difference between these two words which are quite often used as synonyms. The differences and the explanation of Charity and Philanthropy are what we’ll learn in this blog.

We mention a lot of people are philanthropists (mostly celebrities) and we think “oh these people do a lot of charity”, but hang on as we take you on a merry-go-round whilst explaining the difference between the concept of Charity and Philanthropy.

Charity Vs Philanthropy: Meaning

The concept of charity means the help done to the needy by providing means of necessities either money or food or any other required thing. The charity is mostly done for a specific person and their needs.

Immediate Requirement: Donate food for elderly people

The concept of philanthropy is not just giving away the donations but also finding the root cause of the problem prevailing in the society. Either by taking it as a mission to get it resolved by self or asking the government or concerned authority to take care of it.

In our previous blog about Mukesh Ambani Charity work, we specifically mentioned this:

Charity Vs Philanthropy: Mukesh Ambani - Neeta Ambani Philantrophist

This is an example of not just charity but also philanthropist

Charity Vs Philanthropy: Differences

Charity is an immense emotional reaction to the necessity. Usually, charities work on fulfilling the need of the person at that point in time and philanthropy is a sound idea to be turned into a mission to eradicate the root cause of the necessity.

Charity Vs Philanthropy _ Differences

For example, paying the fees for a poor kid is a charity. Whereas constructing a school for the whole kids is philanthropy?

Some of the mentions of various websites on the differences between Charity and Philanthropy:

Community Foundation at Greater Fort Wayne mentioned in their post:

“Charity refers to the direct relief of suffering and social problems.  Philanthropy systematically seeks out the root causes of these issues and endeavours to find a solution”

Renowned Philanthropist Matthew Smith mentioned in his post on LinkedIn as:

“Charity tends to be a short-term, emotional, immediate response, focused primarily on rescue and relief, whereas philanthropy is much more long-term, more strategic, focused on rebuilding. There is a charity, which is good, and then there is a problem-solving charity, which is called philanthropy.”

For a similar question on Quora users mentioned as:

 “Charity is short term but philanthropy is a long term commitment”

(View more answers on Quora)

This was our take on the concept of Charity Vs Philanthropy. Do share your views in the comment section.

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