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Charity For Education in India is Direly Needed. Here’s Why

Charity For Education in India is Direly Needed. Here’s Why

Charity for education in India is really important as many of the children are not being sent to school just because Schools in India is a luxury for some people.

There are people who send only one of their children to school. The other is sent to work. This is very common in rural areas in India.

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Child labour stats are in million and the literacy rate seems to be not so promising.

We roughly checked the stats of child labour in India and the results are devastating. 

Here’s why it is important to Make A Charity For Education In India:

As per India Today

  • 10.13 million child labourers between 5-14 years in India (2011 census data)
  • Child labour in 2011 has decreased by around 20 percent from 2001 census figures
  • There are 22.87 million working children in India between 15-18 years
  • As per 2011 census, one in 11 children are working in India (5-18 years)
  • 80 percent of the child labour in India is concentrated in rural areas
  • ILO 2016 data indicates that there are 152 million working children in the world between 5-17 years, of which 23.8 million children are in India
  • So 16 per cent of the working children (or every 6th working child) in this age group is in India.
Charity For Education in India for Rs 2000

Image Courtesy: Punjab Kesari

On the other hand, education in India is a luxury for many of the lower section people. 

What We Can Do To Help Children Get Educated?

SERUDS NGO has multiple causes for which donations can be done to make charity for education.