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List Of Charity For Women Causes In India To Support In 2021

List Of Charity For Women Causes In India To Support In 2021

In this article: Let’s discuss the list of charity women causes 2021 that can be helped to serve women. These causes include skill development, girl education etc. 

Let’s begin with a question? When’s women’s day? Somewhere in the month of March right? When malls give offers and every brand has an ad campaign running right? Actually, not many people know when ‘Indian National Women’s Day’ is…

In India, the weirdest part is, we dwell more with western culture and dates that we forget the Indian national days declared. Well, It’si 13th Feb, Sarojini Naidu’s birthday which is regarded as ‘Indian National Women’s Day. 

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As the saying goes, empower the women to empower the nation, SERUDS also has many charity causes to help different age groups of the society. Even generous people across the world seek various causes to donate in India. 

Charity For Women Causes in India To Donate:

Educate Girl Child in India:

This includes all the expenses of a girl’s education which are borne by the NGO by means of Charities and donations. Right from the school fees to the other expenses, all are paid by the donations collected under this cause. SERUDS came up with this cause to provide wearable school uniforms shall be given to all the girl children in the facility.

WOMEN MAKES SOCIETY STRONG,Charity For Women Causes in India To Donate_

Skill Development of Women:

Several skill development programs to uplift the status of a single woman by making her independent. It includes free training courses like tailoring, fashion designing and embroidery. Now it includes various computer-based training for younger women to adapt to technology too. 

Hygiene and Sanitary Pads for Women:

Stats as per India Times says that 62% of women in India use cloth during menstruation. Which is so unhygienic that it may lead to several diseases. Sad but true. For some people even necessities are luxury. We urge people to donate as much as possible for the charity of sanitary pads.

These are the different charity for women causes you can support. Please note that every penny donated to SERUDS falls in the category of tax benefits. 

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