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Let’s Build Heaven On Earth- By Donations and Charities

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Let’s Build Heaven On Earth- By Donations and Charities

“Do good deeds son, God will put you in heaven” Said Christian mother to her son.

“Do good deeds son, Allah will put you in heaven” Said Muslim mother to her son.

“Do good deeds son, Bhagwan will put you in heaven” Said Hindu mother to her son.

It’s true that no matter what religion and culture you belong to, no matter which country you are from, we all know what heaven is and how we will reach there (after dying).

Why Can’t We Build A Heaven On Earth?

Here’s what as an individual you have to do, rest is a chain process that will bring the ultimate outcome.

1. Take Donations and Charities as a responsibility:

When we say charity and donations, it never means to do a favor or to sympathize with someone. Whenever you donate, it’s you who will gain ultimate benefit, directly or indirectly. Consider it as responsibility as a human being even if the amount is 1$ or 1000$.

2. Step out of the way to help someone:

Have you ever left your comfort zone to help someone? Comfort zone means the boundaries we restrict ourselves. There are many people who help but there are very fewer people who go out of the way to help others. As an individual, push your limit to help someone just little bit.

Helping someone is just like a throwing a boomerang. It comes back to to you with the same energy1

3. It’s not all about money:

Spreading happiness could be the best thing we can do. Yes, by donations and charities but that doesn’t end there. Spending time with someone who craves for a good company.

Even at our Old Age homes and Orphanages, donations do play a major role but there’s something left incomplete that can be filled with the positivity we can spread by spending time with them or just by smiling.

4. Feed the Hungry People:

In the previous blog we mentioned how much money we waste on the food we throw in the garbage, instead, let’s feed at least one person or donate equivalent amount in order to make sure that there’s no one in this world who goes to bed without food.

Now, imagine a world where everyone is helping each other, filled with positivity, donations and charities are in full swing. All you see is happy and smiling faces. This is nothing but a heaven on earth which we can build together.

Let’s start building by donations and charities. Click to know more.

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