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From Selfish to Selfless, This Donor Has The Best Charity Story

From Selfish to Selfless, This Donor Has Best Charity Story

In this blog: Let’s talk about one of our Donors who have probably the best Charity story of how he changed himself from a selfish person to selfless.

People shape their understanding, perspectives and beliefs based on the type of experiences they have. Just because a person is harsh with words or selfish with his actions, can be judged but can’t be understood.

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This is the similar story of our donor who ended up revealing what made him this selfless and kind.

Best Charity Story By SERUDS Donor:

Among the regular donors that we have at our NGO, there was this thin and tall person who visits every month and donates something or the other. 

He’s not a rich person & with his attire, we can guess he doesn’t even have a very good job. He probably works in fields for some odd jobs yet he comes every month to donate.

We approached him and asked, ‘Sir, you come here every month. How do you manage to be so selfless?’

He smiled and said, “I am an orphan too but I never got into any Orphanage. I ended up living in the streets. Never been to school too, so I had nothing but odd jobs to do”.

“I spent my nights in the rain with no roof upon”.

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“I gazed at different opportunities of how I can be benefited with people and I left them”

Best Charity Story by SERUDS NGO Donor - Must Read

“I was selfish and always wanted to get anything from anywhere to eat and that’s how selfish I was” he continued.

We are startled with our voice and yet asked, “What changed you?, we can see you are a selfless person, not selfish anymore”

He smiled and replied, “A few years ago, I was having just a bun to eat I went to my hut with it”. 

That’s when I saw another kid of around 10 yrs old, under the rain, barely had anything to hide under. I gave him shed for the night, I gave him food, as he reminded me of my past.

I had no one, but thankfully he had me.

That’s when I decided to help others and I visit every month for kids like me. 🙂

The day passed and we were delighted as a person who saw nothing but darkness ended up becoming a ray of hope for our entire orphanage.

Everyone has their own share of experiences that makes them the way they are…

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