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World Sleep Day: Someone Is Starving To Death During Your Sound Sleep

World Sleep Day_ Someone Is Starving To Death During Your Sound Sleep

It was World Sleep Day yesterday and we have seen people going gaga over the hashtag #WorldSleepDay.

The twitter was poured with people cracking jokes, having fun, sharing crazily amazing pics and gifs. Few of the tweets are mentioned below:


It was fun reading all the tag related tweets but there’s something that struck our mind, wherever we go to sleep happily, there are plenty of people, thousands of children starving to death.

As per BBC news, Every 6 seconds a child starve to death.

World Sleep Day: Help Poor People

If we do the math, roughly lakhs of people die of hunger and we keep counting the number of hours we gonna sleep.

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On this World Sleep Day, let’s just think and understand our responsibilities towards society. We have every resource we need. Sometimes we have more than required.

Let’s just forget the fact that we are rich or middle class. Just think about the number of people dying.

They can be saved. They can survive, they can have a better life.

All this is possible just a click away. Make an online donation and feel the difference you make in the world.

Click to make a donation.