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Why do NGOs need Funding

Why You Should Donate to Nonprofit Organizations

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An NGO (non-government organization) is a non-profit organization that functions independent of the government or any authority.

In India, NGO can be registered as a Society, Trust, or a Section 8 company – depending on its objectives.

NGOs need funds to be able to run their programs and the organization. They do not generate revenues like businesses, selling products and services. NGOS generate resources, which includes money, goods and volunteers, from a range of channels such as donations and gifts from donors.

While individual donors are the most important source, there are a few other funding options.

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Donation Total: ₹5,000

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Why You Should Donate to Nonprofit Organizations

Donating to the causes you care about not only helps the causes, you can be benefited richly as well.
Millions of people all over the world donate regularly to charity not only to support the causes they care about, but also for the positive impact it has on their own lives.

1 Giving to Charity Makes You Feel Good

Giving to charity makes you feel happy and fulfilled. It increases your sense of self-esteem.

Scientific studies have proven that philanthropy generates dopamine in the giver, which stimulates brain activity in the regions connected to the feelings of pleasure and reward.

It has social benefits when you volunteer and thus get to network with like-minded people. You get to learn new skills through social service.

2 Donating To Charity Reinforces Personal Values

Being driven by a feeling of social conscience is the most popular reason to give to charity. Most people feel they have a moral duty to use their wealth and resources to help others, which springs from their personal values.

Giving is an opportunity to give back, which particularly resonates if you have ever received help or charity.

3 By Giving You can Make a Difference

The over-arching purpose of an NGO is to make this world a better place. You can donate to an NGO to make an impact in an area you care deeply about, such as :

Saving the planet : fighting climate change, saving endangered wildlife, Environmental Conservation & Protection

Helping the Poor
One of the biggest purposes of the charitable donations is to help the poor. Poor are located not just in underdeveloped countries. Many people even in your neighborhood need your help in different ways, such as elders living alone and those unable to afford critical medical care

People who do not donate feel that their limited budget will not make any difference. Every single dollar can make a huge change in the life of a poor person.

  • With $3 a poor person can buy the mosquito bed curtain to protect her children from mosquito-borne diseases
  • A cataract surgery requires only $35. It can help an elder person restore her eyesight.

– Social Justice
Many of charities or non-profits are created to support vulnerable groups. They can be a group of minority, a religion cause, or helping vulnerable animals or human.
Other causes that NGOS work for : Child rights, women empowerment, care for elderly, provide disaster relief

4. You Get Tax benefits

As a bonus, your donation will be tax deductible when you will give money to a registered nonprofit organization.

Five Reasons to Give to Charity Infographic