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Meet V Sumathi… Her Story Will Leave You With Teary Eyes

Meet V Sumathi… Her Story Will Leave You With Teary Eyes

Children’s mind is utmost sensitive. It is said that if a child is facing situations like constant brawls and fights around, their mind gets the same damage as collateral damage is faced in a war. Such a story of our little angel, V Sumathi. The story of her life doesn’t reveal places and names. Also, sensitive content requires user discretion.

V Sumathi joined our Joy Home Orphanage in the year 2014. Belonged to a lower-middle-class family. Her Family was a complete dysfunctional. Her mother was a victim of House arrest and Domestic Violence. Her Dad was a drunkard who used to spend all his money on liquor.

Before Joining Seruds Joy Home Orphanage:

V Sumathi was not only underweight but also a patient of Malnutrition and also never been to school. Facing all these odds their lives were a complete mess.

They barely used to have one meal a day considering their income so low, the children’s school was the last item on their Checklist.

After Joining Seruds Joy Home Orphanage:

V Sumathi has been able to gain a proportion of required weight and also excels in school. She is very active in school and extracurricular activities.

No one knows what runs inside of a small child. Make sure you don’t let any child suffer like this. If you find nearby please reach us immediately.

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