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Sonu Sood Charity Work Makes Him Saviour Of The Needy | SERUDS

Sonu Sood’s Charity Work Makes Him Saviour Of The Needy _ SERUDS

In this blog: Let’s mention a tribute to the reel life villain and real-life hero listing Sonu Sood charity work during COVID-19.

Sonu Sood, the popular villain of Bollywood movies, has now turned out to be an “Angel” who has helped a number of people all over India since the Covid – 19 Crisis started. 

On one hand, people named their shops after him, there are people who are placing Sonu Sood next to god because of the charity work. 

Sonu Sood has touched so many lives during his course of helping people, where he apparently spent a decent percentage of his total wealth. (Massive respect). 

Let Us Have A Look At Sonu Sood Charity Work That Is Winning Hearts.

Arranged Buses for Migrant Laborers : 

Ever since the Lockdown was declared in India, the migrant laborers were struggling to reach their home town. As there was no transport facility, they opted to walk on foot, Sonu Sood then took an initiative to arrange buses and book tickets for them so that the stranded laborers could reach their home majority of them belonging to Bihar, UP and Karnataka.

Orissa man named his shop after Sonu Sood helped him reaching home.

Once such person made his own shop and named it after Sonu Sood.

Shakti Annadanam :

Sonu Sood started an initiative called “Shakti Annadanam”  in the name of his late father Shakti Sagar Sood. Under this Sonu aims to feed more than 45,000 people on a daily basis in Mumbai. 

Ramzan Kits : 

Sonu Sood has provided meal kits to 25,000 migrants on a daily basis in Mumbai during the holy month of Ramzan so that they do not stay hungry after fasting all day long.


Arranged Chartered Flights :

Not only buses, but Sonu Sood has also arranged Chartered Flights to help 177 women who were stranded in Kerala and helped them reach Odisha. He has not collected any charges from them. 

Recently, he has gifted tractor to a farmer :

The incident took place when a farmer could not afford Ox to plow his field, it was his daughters who came forward to help him. They carried the York on their shoulders to plow. When this video went viral Sonu Sood came forward to help him. Initially, he decided to offer them 2 Ox but later sent a tractor.

Offered Job to Hyderabad techie :

A Hyderabad based Techie (Sharada) who has lost her job due to COVID – 19 Crisis was fired by her company. She started selling vegetables in the local market to financially support her family. When this news reached Sonu Sood, his team reached and interviewed her and offered her a job. 

Help During Cyclone Nisarga : 

The actor also helped thousands of people in Maharashtra ahead of Cyclone Nisarga. The actor and his team distributed food to 28,000 people  and moved them to safe places before the cyclone hit the coastal region.

Bring Back 4000 Students Struck In Krygzstan:

Sonu has now pledged to bring back 4000 students who were struck in Krygzstan due to the Lockdown. The flight was scheduled on 22 July.

Pravasi Rojgar : 

Sonu Sood on his birthday has launched a free website(Pravasi and app named “Pravasi Rojgar ” that will connect Job Seekers and Job Providers digitally. He has pledged to provide 3 Lakh jobs and has collaborated with Multinational Corporations. “Pravasi Rojgar” will also provide certain joj specific training like Spoken English.

When people lost all their hopes during the harshest lockdown in the history, Sonu Sood emerged as a savior who personally (and literally) came out of his house and staying among the people, made them believe in humanity again.

SERUDS Team heartfelt thanks to Sonu Sood for his immense charity work. 🙂

Looking to help others like Sonu Sood? Here’s what you need to check. Charity Page.

About SERUDS Charity Campaign:

We (Seruds NGO) directly donate food and needed items to individuals and their families impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Daily wagers rendered jobless by the current COVID-19 pandemic need our timely support to sustain them. As the crisis grows, the livelihoods of a large number of families in India that survive on daily wages have been affected deeply.