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Robert Downey Jr Charity: Here’s How Much the Iron Man Star Donates

Robert Downey Jr Charity

In this blog: Let’s learn the immense charity work by Robert Downey Jr. His contribution towards society for various social causes is impeccable.

“And I am… Iron Man…..” Gosh we know it’s not just a line, it’s an emotion. Many of us just identify him with the name Tony Stark. Since he finally ended his journey with MCU, here’s a small tribute to Robert Downey Jr.

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If you follow RDJ and his updates on social media, there will be plenty of his posts pounding the generous side of him. He often takes his massive social media followers to spread the word about various causes and charities.

Here’s the list of Robert Downey Jr Charity work

(Get ready to become his fan in case you aren’t already)

  • Robert Downey Jr did a huge charitable campaign for Aaron. A kid suffering from a rare skin disease pleaded for RDJ’s help.
  • Just before the release of Avengers Age of Ultron, RDJ conducted a fundraising event under which he recorded a video stating,

“For every 10 $ being donated to Julia’s House (Charitable Org), there’s a chance to watch the very first premiere of the movie with me” – Robert Downey Jr

  • Well, we are not bragging about it but Robert Downey Jr managed to raise a donation of millions. Fans went crazy and donated freakishly huge amounts.
  • In one of his interviews. RDJ said that he raised more than 2 million $ with the collaboration of OMAZE. (watch video below).

  • During the ‘Make a wish’ event in Singapore, RDJ made a surprise visit making everyone super excited and the charitable function super successful. Watch the heartwarming video here:

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  • Following a post published on Bustle official site, RDJ gifted a bionic Iron Man hand to a kid named Alex (born with impartial right hand) as a part of a charity called ‘#CollectiveProject’


  • RDJ is an active volunteer in an NGO called CLOTHES OFF YOUR BACK and also makes donations regularly.  
  • Robert Downey Jr Charity’s work also includes an organisation called Orca Network (view website). An NGO working on endangered species of aquatic animals and FYI, RDJ is an active participant in the social cause.

Well, the list of RDJ’s charity and donations doesn’t end. Robert Downey Jr truly understands the pain and agony of the society. We salute him for what he does and what he has been doing all along for the poor and needy.

RDJ, We Love you 3000 🙂

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