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New Year Resolutions 2021 For A Better World And Better Self

New Year Resolutions 2021 For A Better World And Better Self

New Year Resolutions 2021: This year has been a hard year for everyone and we are all happy for the start of 2021. We all have hopes and aspirations for the new year. Our goals are set and we have resolved to make the best out of 2021.

We make these resolutions every year, A resolution to eat healthily, be fit, etc.

However, if you want to make a difference this year and do something that makes this world a better place, the beginning of the year is the best time to start.

Here are 9 ideas for new year resolutions 2021 that will make the whole world a better place.:

Sponsor Education for a child:

Education gives wings to a child’s dreams and every child deserves to fly. However, not everyone is blessed enough to get the education they deserve. This year you can help a child by sponsoring their education or you can take the responsibility to teach them yourself. 

Donate Clothes and other reusable items:

Winters are harsh and the summer is not that forgiving too. You can help a person survive by making a donation of your clothes that you no longer wear. In addition to that, donate other reusable items for the people who are not as blessed as you are. 

Donate blood: 

Blood is the life force for humans and only humans can donate blood for other humans. Blood can still not be made synthetically. As a human, the biggest thing you can do is donate your blood for someone who might need it. Resolve to donate blood regularly. 

How is blood donation beneficial for you? Read Here

Donate your skill or time to a cause:

If due to some reason you are unable to donate resources/ money to a charity, you can always donate your time and your skills. Every charitable organization needs volunteers and people who can support them. If you have time or any skill that can help a charity in any way, consider providing services for them.

Prioritize eco-friendly choices:

The world becomes a better place when you start taking care of it. Look around and you will find that our Earth needs to be saved. What can you do about it? Choose to switch to eco-friendly options. Resolve to save our environment and take one step every day. 

Take care of the animals around you:

Just like us, animals are also a part of our ecosystem and they deserve care and attention. These animals don’t have a voice, so in 2021 you can take care of animals around you. You can feed them, protect them and save their natural habitat.

Be Empathetic and kind:

It does not cost anything to be kind and empathetic. If you can care for other humans and just be kind to them you can make a bigger difference than you can imagine. 

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

Create awareness about issues you are passionate about:

If you are passionate about an issue and you want to make a difference, you can do this by creating awareness about it. If you can inspire others to contribute to a better world, there is no better contribution. 

Donate to a charity:

Charitable organizations are always in need of funding. You can help these organizations to reach the millions of people who need their help. Take a pledge to donate a sum of money to these organizations every month if you are unable to take some time out yourself. 

These are few of the many resolutions you can take up in 2021 to make the world a better place. If you want to take a step towards a better world and be a part of an organization that strives to make a difference, check out SERUDS Charity Causes and donate online