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Narendra Modi Charity Work | Social Work by India’s PM Revealed

Narendra Modi Charity Work (1)

In this blog: We’ll discuss the Sri Narendra Modi charity work for various social causes. India’s most talked-about PM’s donation to charity is quite immense.

Election results are here. India has chosen its Prime Minister and as expected, it is Narendra Modi. Congratulations as you’ll be continuing your tenure for the next 5 years.

This is the part where we clap. 👏

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The world knows Narendra Modi as a PM, India’s one of the greatest leaders. Teens know him as the icon who holds most following on social media. He calls himself Chowkidar, Chai Wala, etc but ever wondered what’s his opinion about charity?

Here’s The List Of Charity Work By Narendra Modi

  • PM Modi’s charity works begin with his donation of Rs 23,00,000 for the education of daughters of peons and drivers working for Gujarat govt. (reportedly).
  • During 2018 Ramadan, Narendra Modi spoke about how zakat (charity) is very important and he urged everyone to do so. “Prophet Mohd (PBUH) truly said that if one understands the pain of hunger, they tend to donate more”.

India's PM Huge Charity

  • Then the shower of donation started after Narendra Modi Ji’s views on donation. The expected amount of charity was more than 50,000 crores. (Source)
  • In 2016, The Hindu revealed in their article that PM Modi has made a donation of his entire salary to PMNRF (Prime Minister National Relief Fund).
  • It was fundraising for the people seriously affected by earthquakes that can get a donation of 50,000 Rs.
  • His generosity also includes that he doesn’t own any motor vehicles, yachts, ships, etc.
  • With an annual income of more than 19 lakhs, he neither spends it across or it isn’t in his savings account. Guess we know where the amount goes.

Well, the list of Narendra Modi charity work does include a lot of his donations for various social causes. Considering his position as the head of the country he does inspire a lot of young teens. We don’t have any political views. We just wanted to discuss his social side. We all know there’s a good person in everyone’s heart. Make charities and donations and let make this nation, this world a better place to live. Click to donate