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Mystery Donor Who Left 200 Rs in The Box Every Week – Part 1

We often feel honored to share inspiring stories about our donors with everyone. Similarly, in this blog, we’ll talk about a mystery donor.

When We say masked donor, it sounds creepy, just let horror movie. But honestly speaking our story about this Donor and why exactly he wear a mask while donating very-very inspiring.

Disclaimer: The name and the actual age of the donor is hidden due to the sensitivity and privacy concerns. Details revealed are slightly modified but nothing falsely acclaimed. 

We have been noticing a charity of Rs 200 in our donation box. The same amount was freshly added every Sunday and it came from the same donor. All those notes were wiped in some blackish dust.

Initially, we didn’t find it mysterious at all until we were checking our logbook and casually a discussion was started. 

We were talking about how donors keep visiting us to check legal status as it matters a lot, sometimes purely a random visit. 

Its eventually god who comes in human form to help & he doesn't always needs a name...

Surprisingly donors never just leave the amount in the box, they speak to us once in a while. So, we were waiting for one Sunday. We heard of activity, we quickly rushed out.

At the gate we see a young guy wearing dirty clothes, possibly can’t afford to donate Rs 200 every week. He covered his face with a handkerchief.

He quickly turned & started to leave, we called out, he ignored at first, We screamed again, ‘Who are you?’. He said, “Someone who knows the pain of hunger” and left.

We came back and discussed it with our President of SERUDS, Mallikarjuna Gorla.

He smiled and said, “It’s eventually god who comes in human form to help & he doesn’t always need a name…”

It does make a deep meaning but we are still wondering why he wore a mask while donating. Its Sunday tomorrow, hopefully, we can have another interaction with him to know why he wears a mask. 

We promise to share it in our 2nd part of the blog Mystery Donor. Stay Tuned.

Since you are here, 

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