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Masked Donor Revealed Himself – Mystery Donor Part 2

Masked Donor Revealed Himself - Mystery Donor Part 2

When we finally came across our mystery Donor, he then revealed identity. In this blog, we’ll share our experience with the masked donor.

For those who haven’t read our previous, we suggest you all read it right away. Mystery Donor Part 1.

It is quite OK to have a donor who doesn’t “wanna reveal his identity. That’s what we thought initially but that’s not the usual behavior of people today.

In a world where people are just keen about sharing their life with the world, why someone would want to keep their identity hidden.

Instead, read our quick review: In the previous blog, we discussed our mystery donor who left a little amount every week but never spoke to us. 

However, when we confronted him, we saw a masked person. Confused yet devastated why he wore a mask, we waited for another Sunday.people are just keen sharing their life with the world

Whilst waiting for our masked donor, several theories propounded explaining the whole, why he wore a mask story.

Discussions were like “he must be having some kind of disease” or “Is he a survivor of some chemical accident or fire accident”… “Or is he someone from the wanted list”

“Or who knows he might have bad breath”, we all laughed…

“He must just want to hide for no reason”, deep silence, just then we heard the voice ‘tuck’ someone dropped money in the box.

We rushed out again to ask him about his hidden identity. It was him again. 

Masked Donor Revealed Himself

We asked him, “Sir, can you please tell us why do you wear a mask, we are so much obsessed with a masked donor. We want to see you. 

He smiled and replied, “If I tell you my name you’ll search my religion in that, if I show you my face, you’ll remember me in specific. I don’t need that. My identity? I am someone who knows how it feels like being hungry…I help needy for humanity’s sake”.

Saying that he left. We all were standing there with no words to utter… He made absolute sense. The world we live in is categorized in religion, social class, etc.

But when it comes to helping others there’s indeed no religion or identity. There’s only one thing we all shall remember, HUMANITY.

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