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Keanu Reeves Charity Work We Bet You Have No Idea About

Keanu Reeves’s charity work is as underrated as his movies. The John wick star is raking high on success with his latest film and it’s time we shall take a look at his social work.

When we talk about charity work by celebrities, we say a few common names like Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan. They have been a role model for charity and philanthropy.

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Following a few recent social media trends shedding light on the humane side of Keanu Reeves, we can certainly put him on the top of the list of most charitable celebrities.

Without any further delay, let’s understand Keanu Reeves’s social work in detail.

List of Charity Work by Keanu Reeves

  • Keanu Reeves runs a secret charitable foundation for more than a decade. The organization helps children suffering from diseases like cancer.
  • It was also disclosed by the sources that he donates millions to the organization and also varies for other social causes.

Keanu Reeves Charity Foundation

  • Keanu Reeves frequently bought lunch for the entire film crew. Some of his spot boys were often the most excited people as they get to eat nice food sometimes.
  • Following a post from Reddit 9 years ago, a user mentioned how Keanu Reeves helped one of the poor workers who was building sets of Matrix movie.

“The user said, “My family friend was poor and needed money. When all hopes were gone, Keanu Reeves helped him”.

  • When Keanu came to know about it, He gave a bonus of 20,000 $ to the poor worker and asked him to celebrate Christmas happily with his family. Well Done Keanu.

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  • Keanu Reeves once drove 50 miles away from his route to help a lady whose car broke down.

Well, Keanu Reeves Charity’s work makes him the nicest person. The best part is he never brags about his donations and charity. That’s the most modest way of contributing to society.

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