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JK Rowling Charity Work- Billionaire Became Millionaire Due to Donations

JK Rowling Charity Work- Billionaire became Millionaire Due to Donations

JK Rowling Charity’s work is huge, literally huge. Social Work comes from the heart for some people and JK Rowling is one among very few philanthropists.

She is well known for her work ‘Harry Potter’, She has been listed as one of the most influencer novelists with more than 500 million copies sold. 

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Considering the massive popularity she has, the 53-year-old celebrity is no less than any major celebrity whose charity works tops the ranking always.

Let’s understand the charity work and social deeds by the legendary writer herself and her massive efforts to make society a better place to live.

Here’s JK Rowling Charity Work We All Must Read:

  • JK Rowling has donated close to 140 million $ for various causes so far. This made her lose her status of billionaire, now she is just a millionaire.

JK Rowling Charity

  • JK Rowling’s massive charity work includes one of her finest work, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them’. You won’t believe she wrote it for charity. The movie adaptation of the same crossed a whopping 810 Million USD.
  • Along with Georgette Mulher, JK Rowling founded an organization ‘Lumos’. By the way, all her charity proceedings go here. 
  • As per TIMES, JK Rowling has donated more than 8 million for various causes in 2017. 
  • Not only Lumos, but another charitable organization is also funded by JK Rowling named Volant Charitable Trust. View website.
  • By writing 2 novels for charity, JK Rowling has raised more than 17 million USD, the entire money was forwarded to eradicate poverty in children & many other issues. 
  • JK Rowling has given away 16% of her total wealth. Considering her net wealth as 650 Million $, she has donated an approximate amount of 104 million USD so far. 

JK Rowling Charity’s work and organizations now support thousands of children and individuals to help survive and meet basic needs. 

Not only her books, but the massive charity work by the millionaire herself is an inspiration for all. Wish to donate just like JK Rowling? Click to contribute.