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Jackie Chan Charity Work Is As Huge As His Stardom | Donation List

Jackie Chan Charity Work Is As Huge As His Stardom

In this blog: Let’s unveil Jackie Chan charity work, all his social activities & contribution for various causes which is as huge as his stardom. Jackie Chan is undoubtedly the world’s biggest action star and a living legend who have redefined the action movies for the last 40 year of his film career.

The Hong Kong movie superstar who lifted the Academy Award has always appeared in the news for all good reasons. 

We have teased about his social work in our previous article but it wasn’t enough to explain even his part of the contribution. So, let’s understand his list of charity work in this article:

List of Stupendous Charity Work By Jackie Chan:

  • Jackie Chan was born in a very poor family and right from his young age, he was deeply connected to social work.
  • Jackie Chan has established the Jackie Chan Foundation in the year 1988 which has donated a huge amount for improving sports for underprivileged kids. (Source: Official JC website).

Jackie Chan Charity Work - 1

  • It also supported several performing arts and youth development programs.
  • As per the Hollywood Reporter, Jackie Chan raised record-breaking 3.3 million $ in just 3 hours as a donation for the people of Japan in 2011.
  • Jackie Chan made a charity of whopping 5 million for the Haiti Flood Victims. Full story here.
  • Jackie Chan’s contribution to society has spread to Beijing, South Africa, Bangkok, Shandong, Indonesia, New York, South Korea, Athens, Vietnam, Moscow, Tokyo, India, and Paris.


  • Jackie Chan established Dragon Heart Foundation in the year 2010. This Charity was intended to provide education to poor people.
  • It supports students for scholarships, school uniforms, sports, and medical expenses. Kudos to Chan for such an organization.
  • Jackie Chan has donated his entire wealth to charity and his son Jaycee Chan won’t inherit a single penny.

Jackie Chan Charity Work - 2

  • Jackie Chan was awarded the prestigious Silver Bauhinia Star for his immense charity work. (Source)
  • During the promotion of his film, Kung Fu Yoga, on the famous talk show, The Kapil Sharma Show, Chan auctioned a bicycle for 10 Lakh Rupees and donated to charity.

  • Jackie Chan is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF for years now.

More than talent and luck, it takes a heart of gold to continue the unbeatable legacy. Chan deserves a huge round of applause for his charity work. We love you Jackie Chan sir.

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