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How Young Minds Via Internshala Helped Seruds During Lockdown

How Young minds via Internshala Helped SERUDS During Lockdown

This is a Thank You article for the young minds via Internshala for helping SERUDS for distributing food packets to daily wagers and needy people during the lockdown. 

Nobody in the World could have even thought about the Lockdown. A lockdown that made the entire nation to stay at home leaving thousands of people in trouble. 

The most affected ones were the daily wage earners and the migrant labourers. The Lockdown made these people starve for even food. These were the people who needed help the most.

Many people came forward to help and NGO’S played a major role. But there was a time when even these NGOs ran short of funds. They were facing this problem while working for a noble cause so No Wonder they got a helping hand. 

Yes! It was the youth of our country. These Young minds are Tech Savvy and with their excellent knowledge in Digital Media is a boon for us.

Here’s How Young minds Via Internshala Helped SERUDS During Lockdown:

During Lockdown we posted Internships on Internshala with zero stipends. To our surprise, we got more than 200 interns who actually wanted to help us irrespective of any benefit in return. 

While everyone was looking for paid internships in Lockdown, there were these guys whose aim was just to help the needy, not money. Such an appreciable move from the Youth.

Internshala has provided us a platform that could help us get interns who can help us to raise funds. These young and dynamic minds should be applauded for their immense support and hard work. 

Thank you internshala for helping SERUDS

With their efforts, we were able to raise funds for hundreds of needy people who had to struggle for 3 meals a day. Now that was a drastic situation.

During Lockdown SERUDS has provided cooked meals as well as ration kits to migrant labourers and daily wage earners with several COVID19 charity campaigns.

There were still more people who were in need of our help, at that time these young minds stood as a backbone for us raising funds on various platforms for this noble cause. 

It would have been impossible without them to help people in large numbers in a short time.

We Thank, We Applause and We appreciate the efforts made by each one of you for supporting us. Your dedication and hard work has not only helped us raise funds but help those poor and needy in their worst time.

No doubt the future of our country would be bright as it is in the hands of such talented, enthusiastic and dedicated youth. We wish you all the very best for your career ahead and fly with sparkling colours.

If you wish to join us as an Intern, write to us at or DM us on Instagram.

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