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History and Importance of International Charity Day

International Day of Charity History _ Importance

Today, on the occasion of International Charity Day (I.e; 5th September) let’s discuss its history and Importance. 5th September in India is mostly celebrated as Teacher’s Day but little did we know even the International Charity Day falls on the same date. Yes, the International Day of Charity Is on 5th September. 

International Charity Day 2020 – History

Originally a Hungarian Civil society started an initiative to mark the death anniversary of Mother Teresa who was an epitome of Charity. She has dedicated her entire life to carry out Charitable works to help needy people. 

She has spent 45 years of her life in charitable service. She worked tirelessly to overcome poverty, distress and help the poor around the world. She was a Catholic nun and started many missionaries in Calcutta(India). She was awarded the “Tanon Magsaysay Peace Prize” in 1962 and also the “Noble Peace Prize” in the year 1979 for her dedicated service.

In her honour the Hungarian parliament and the Government established International Charity Day in the year 2011. In 2012 the United Nations decided to declare International Charity Day as am official day of celebration for which 5th of September was selected. This date was selected to mark the death anniversary of Mother Teresa.

And till the last breath of her life, she served the needy. - International Day Of Charity

International Charity Day 2020 – Importance

Not just locally, the need of Charity exist worldwide. International Charity Day plays an important role in spreading awareness about charity campaigns globally. There are various charity campaigns running around the world for various causes. International Charity Day helps to engage the people on a global basis to raise donations to help the needy. As this covers a wider population It can help raise donations for the campaigns who faced difficulty to raise funds. 

As we all know the COVID 19 Pandemic has affected lives worldwide. Due to COVID 19 and lockdown there are people globally who lost their jobs. The most affected one’s are the daily wage earners. This crisis has worsened the situation and increased poverty worldwide. There are various campaigns being run globally to help these people. A charity can be in any form I.e; money, essential commodities, plasma donations. 

This is a time where we need to stand for each other. We need to help the affected people in every possible way we could.

We at Seruds have been running various campaigns to help the needy people and raising funds both nationally and internationally. We ensure each and every donation of yours reach the needy and poor people. Some of the projects run by us are COVID Relief Kits, SERUDS Orphanage, Charitable Old Age Home, Education kits for Poor Girls, Sponsor Child Education, Day Care Centres for Children, Sponsor an Elder.

Let’s take the legacy of Mother Teresa further and help to eradicate poverty and hunger worldwide on this International Charity Day as the entire world is affected by Covid 19 Crisis. Click to donate