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Millions of Homeless Children Still People Prefers to Have One

Millions of Homeless Children and People Still Prefers to Have One - World Population Day

World Population Day: Population can be controlled and even this world can be a better place. All we need is a reality check. Let’s discuss in this blog, the lives of homeless children and how we can tackle it.

Life is full of a blame game.

If we as a citizen have any problem, we can simply blame on the government. That’s exactly what we do. Let’s flip the coin and see the other side. What have we as a citizen done? Knowing well that we, the citizens can make a change.

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One such incident happened when we were traveling somewhere (in a cab) which got stopped at a red signal. The small kid knocked at the glass and was asking for some money. We asked him, where are your parents. He ran away, signal turned green and our car moved. The driver said, “Never give money to these kids sir, they are liars, even government don’t care for them blah blah!” Blame game… We asked do you care… And the journey continued in silence.

We got stuck in a dilemma that what if people stop having a new child and start adopting a new one?

We found time to analyze these stats and the results were shocking.

World Population Day- Stats about Homeless Children & Birth Rate in India

Homeless Children (Orphans) in India :  59 million (Source)

Birth Rate in India                                     :  49,481 per hour (Source)

With a birth rate of 2.4 Child per woman in India, the stats about population says that on an average each woman has more than 2 babies. What if people start adopting these homeless children? We won’t be finding any children on roads begging.

World Population Day - Heart warming Quote about Charity and Adoption

As per our research, if people start adopting homeless children, it takes only a few years literally to make this world a better place for them.

As per Unicef Blog, Stats about Homeless and poverty-ridden children are even worse.

  • More than half of world children are below the poverty line
  • Even in richest countries, 1 out of 4 Children is extremely poor and Homeless
  • Almost in every street at a global level, at least 2 homeless children are seen.
  • In developing countries like India, ⅔ rd of the children doesn’t have proper food and shelter (education is way far).

How can we help these children and the population?

We have two options, let’s follow the blame game like others or contribute for the children’s betterment. Adopt children, fund them.

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We can control the birth rate and increase the adoption rate to help these homeless children. The world can be a better place for them.

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