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Full Story Behind the Viral Pic of Cop Feeding Old Woman

Full Story Behind the Viral Pic of Cop Feeding Old Woman

You might have seen this image of Cop feeding old Woman, on your Facebook/ Twitter newsfeed since past few days. It all started when this image was updated on twitter, and people have gone gaga over it (it deserves it).

The twitter was within few hours pooled with an appraisal by many people who were melted by the cop’s sweet gesture.

Even popular media like MensXP and India times has published about it. Which made the viral pic more popular.

When we tried to know the full story, this is what we have found out.

The cop name is Gopal, a traffic cop near JNTU.

On 1st of April when many people were busy playing pranks and shouting ‘April Fool’, Mr. Gopal was on his duty where he found this homeless lady. He bought food for her (with his own money) and tried to place the plate in her hand but sadly she couldn’t eat it on her own. The kind-hearted cop feeds her with his own hands.

It was the same time when the pic was clicked and went viral (and he had no idea about it). Later when he started receiving appreciation calls from higher authorities he realized that simple act of kindness has been widespread.

If we follow the tweet, the woman was shifted to a shelter home called, Anandashramam,

When the media spoke to Mr, Gopal, he said, “I offered her a cup of tea and then bought lunch for her. But she was unable to even eat with her own hands, so I fed her.”

He further said, “I was extremely upset about the things I heard regarding police people. Almost everyone says that we lack compassion and humanity. But that’s not the truth. We do serve the people, but people no longer appreciate us. Hopefully, after seeing that picture, at least a few might rethink about their preconceived notions.”

Just like Gopal, we all can make such a difference with our simple act of kindness. It will change someone’s life. Make a donation now.