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“They Broke Into Tears While Donating” Emotional Encounter With Donor

Emotional Encounter With Donor (2)

In this blog, an emotional but worth sharing encounter with one of more regular donors of ours which lead to a shocking revelation we didn’t know for years.

Among all the donors, we always try to share not the identity but the story of the donors that made them what they are. Well, privacy is a big concern and they insist us not to publish their names anywhere. 

This article is hugely dedicated to one such donor who has been a part of our NGO Seruds India. Every year we see a couple visiting our Joy Orphanage one specific day spending time with our kids, organizing meals for all the kids.

They bring along lots of presents that it feels like a festival for our orphan kids whenever this couple arrives.

We observed a pattern of their visit on the same day, every year and started a sweet conversation. Well, the couple was very friendly with kids but was very restrictive with words when it comes to any of our staff members. 

Emotional Encounter With Donor

Unexpectedly they replied very generously and was genuinely interested in having a conversation.

We asked, “We observe your visit on this very day every year, is it anything special about this day?”

They replied, “ This day happens to be our son’s birthday”.

We were amazed, “Why don’t you bring him along?”

The lady broke into tears, we were shocked… her husband quietly replied, “We lost him in an accident 3 years ago and we just have his memories left”.

“Every year when we spend some quality time with these kids, we feel our son is enjoying” he continued with a sorrowful voice.

Then the day passed but we all were awestruck with the fact that there’s always a back story of how people seek satisfaction on helping others.

Our hearty wishes to all our donors who make this world a better place for all. THANK YOU.

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