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S K. Yaseen Basha

₹2,700 of ₹20,400 raised

Category : Sponsor Education
Date of Birth & Age : 22.05.2005, 15 years
Studying Class : 8th class
Marks (Percentage) : 85%
Father : S K. Khadhar Basha, Driver
Mother : S K. Sajida, Housewife
Brother : Studying
Sister : None
Address : Pasupala, Kurnool
Sponsor School & Tuition Fee : Rs. 1700 p.m. ; Rs. 20,400 p.a.


S. K. Yaseen Basha is studying in 8th class, in Good Shepherd School, Kurnool . Yaseen Basha’s father is a driver and his mother is a house wife. Since the start of the pandemic, Yaseen Basha’s father didn’t have work. Recently he started but he had an accident. They are unable to pay the hospital bills, there is no income currently for the family even for their food needs

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