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Venkateshwara Raju

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Category : Joy Home Orphanage
Age : 17 years
Studying Class : 10th class, Indira Gandhi Memorial Municipality High School
School :
Father, Alive Y/N : Chandra sekharraju
Mother, Alive Y/N : Jaya lakshmi
Date of Joining : 2018
Joined by Whom : Mother
Address : Katasani Narasimha nagar, near bus stand Banganapally


Venkateshwara Raju is currently in his 10th standard. He was admitted by his uncle at Joy home, SERUDS. Raju’s father died some time back, and his mother has a heart problem and the money earned was not sufficient for her medicines and Venkatesh’s education. So with the help of Venkatesh’s uncle she admitted him at SERUDS so that he can complete his education. Raju was not interested in his studies and used to bunk classes when he was at his village. He used to be very mischievous previously, But was very much into sports and fitness, consistently works-out and plays cricket and kabaddi. He later learned football.

But in SERUDS, he realised the value of education. He soon started taking responsibility of younger kids and gave up being mischievous. He got mature and calm. He now not only studies on his own but also helps other kids. He also inclined his career prospects with his interests. He wants to become a sports man or an army soldier.  He likes socializing and made a lot of friends here at SERUDS.

Sadly, his mother also died a year after Venkateshwara Raju joined Joy Home. He is grateful for the consistent and solid help and support given at SERUDS. He gets good food, clothes and schooling

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