K. Neelaveni

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K. Neelaveni

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Category:Education Material Kit
Date of Birth & Age:4/8/2002, 14 years
Studying Class:8th class, A section
Father:K. Yerriswami, Tailor
Mother:K. Chamundeswari, Housewife
Brother/ Doing:2 brothers
Sister / Doing:Nill
Address:47/785/48/A, Bcamp post, swami Reddy Nagar, Kurnool
Landmark:B camp post


Father, working as a tailor and not able to earn as per the family requirements. Mother is not in a condition to work due to health issues. Earning has become a problem and whatever Father is eaning is going for the medical and daily food needs, hence continuously they are running into debts. They are looking for a helping hand to make some progress in their life.


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